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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Memories of Charlie : Chapter 4

I woke up with a hungry and growling tummy, realizing I’m not lying on my comfy bed back home. I dragged my feet across the room into the toilet. I looked in the mirror and see the reflection of a total failure. I took a long breath and continue washing up. Sitting on the bed while sobbing over my life, I heard three knocks on my door. Wondering who it is, I open the door without looking through the peeping hole. It’s him, Cedrick! I was taken aback!

“Hi… erm… I got your room number from the front desk. I hope y…o…u don’t mind.”

“Owh, it’s okay. So… may I help you?”

“It’s like this. Erm, I think I know you. You’re Charlie rite?”

“Yeaaaa…ss, I told you that yesterday.”

“No, I mean Charlie, Charlie from KL?? Charlie from my teenage memory? Charlie the girl who spilled soup all over me?? Charlie?”

I couldn’t say much but “err” the whole time. Should I tell him, or should I not? I kept quiet.

“So?? Are you?? Cause there is so many resemblances in you two, so much alike.”

“I…I… I guess you got the wrong person.”

“Really? Owh, I guess it’s my mistake then.”

And he just leaves with his head down.

You’re probably wondering, what the hell was I thinking, right? Well, what good does it make if I tell him the truth? He’ll probably just say “hi, nice seeing you again” like how he used to and we’d be friends again and live our separate lives but once in a while meet up, drink coffee and then I’ll have to listen to him brag about his oh-so-wonderful wife and his smartass kids. Yes, I expect those things to happen so it is better to keep quiet about my true identity from him.


those joy we had ;
7:55 PM

Memories of Charlie : Chapter 3

Let’s rewind time and go back to the first day of my form 2 year. I’ve grown, even for that little bit. Meeting my friends again was the best part of it all. It was great to escape from all those studies but holidays were a bore. So, standing in the sea of students and a whole form of newbie’s, we were chatting among ourselves like there’s no tomorrow. There were a lot to catch up on, since we haven’t seen each other for more than 2 months. The teachers and the prefects were working their butts off to keep the students quiet, but we couldn’t bother. After assembly, students walk back to their classes while continue chit-chatting. Our class is at the basement, like every other year. After settling down, the teachers started with their lessons.

The bell rang and it was recess. Normally students don’t line up while buying their food, but the form ones obeyed the rules because they were new. And normally form ones get the advantage of leaving class 5 minutes early. So, when my friends and I arrived at the canteen, it was crowded with rules-follower. We only had 20 minutes so instead of being good students, the rest of the students barged in. It was tough but I managed to get in. I was about to leave with my very hot soup when suddenly, the sea of people in front of me started pushing each other. Unable to get a good grip on my bowl, I accidentally poured it on a form 5 boy. It was a moment of embarrassment. Everyone stood back and said ‘whoa!’ at the same time. I dropped the bowl and immediately cover my mouth with my hands. I apologized over and over again, hoping he doesn’t beat me up. Fortunately, he didn’t and instead he just stood up, nod and said its okay, and left. I just stood there, stunned.

Since the day, I’ve been apologizing and he’s been forgiving every time I see him and before we know it, we started talking. Every time we talked, I would stare into his eyes, his brown eyes, and whatever happens around was just a blur. Soon, this turns into a crush, but I never did told him about it, even until now.


those joy we had ;
7:51 PM

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Memories of Charlie : Chapter 2

The meeting with the manager was fine, just that he was as bossy as I was told. I hand in my resume, and after glancing through a few pages, he shot me a look, and said “This job isn’t suitable for you; I suggest you not waste neither mine nor your time and leave immediately.” Those words hurt me, but I wasn’t shock to hear that. I kind of knew it earlier that I wouldn’t make it. I headed back to the hotel. It was quite late already. I drop flat on the bed, suddenly feeling something poking me on the chest. I stood up and have a look in the front pocket of my blouse. The nametag is till there, still beautifully broken. The name Cedrick reminds me of my crush when I was form 2. He’s name was Cedrick too. They have so much in common, both tall and named Cedrick. I wonder, “Could it be the same person?” Questions just fill within my head.

The growling of my stomach woke me up. I must have fallen asleep while answering each and every of my answer about the Cedrick guy last night until I doze off. I took a quick and refreshing morning shower and headed down to the café. Bread and a cup of latte is just what I needed. I was munching on my breakfast, unwillingly due to tiredness, when I saw a tall and familiar face sitting in front of me. I tried to recall back where I’ve seen that beautiful face. It’s him!!!! Cedrick, from the airport!! I hesitated and took a daring step to him, but turned back. It’s quite embarrassing. But, one glance wouldn’t hurt right? So, I sneak a peek but I found it hard to stop staring at him anymore. He was just so…familiar that there’s something about him that holds me back. Suddenly, he turned around and looked at me. Embarrassed, I quickly look down on my plate and started munching. My mind was filled with “I hope he doesn’t see my red hot blushing face!-No!!! Don’t look!!” thoughts. I heard footsteps, closer, getting closer…then the chair dragging. Oh no! I thought. Slowly looking up, Cedrick’s sitting right in front of me, smiling. That smile totally melts me.

“You look familiar, where have I seen you before?”

“Err… the airport yesterday???”

“Yes, but I’ve met you before the airport incident.”

“No way, I don’t quite recall” (Oh no… stop blushing!!!! STOP FREAKING BLUSHING!!)

“Hmm, maybe it’s my mistake. My name’s Cedrick by the way.”

“Ya! I know!” (Shit! What the hell did I say??? Take that back!!!) “Sorry, I…I have your
nametag. It’s broken.”

“Oh! Thanks! I’ve been looking all over for it. Th…anks.”

“When we knock into each other, it kinda broke into half. I’m sorry”

“No…it’s okay.”

He smiled, again. Awwww…heart-totally-melting!!!!

“So, you are??”


“Oh! You remind me of someone I know when I was form 5.”

Damn it, could it really be him?????

“Oh…haha…nahh, I don’t think so. Oh well, I’ll catch you later. Go to go. Bye!”


Run! Baby, run!!!! Trembling, I went back to my room.


those joy we had ;
7:43 AM

Friday, March 27, 2009

Memories Of Charlie : Chapter 1

“Don’t go, please! Don’t go!! No!!!!” I woke up with sweats rolling down my pale white cheeks. That was some nightmare. I took a look at my alarm clock, yellow as ever, with the 3 numbers 7, 0 and 0 projected on that digital screen. I paused for a moment, and then screamed. I am late for my flight!! If I am not at the 15 miles away airport by 8, I’ll miss the flight and will be late for my far most important interview of my life!! An interview with the well-known to be stuck-up-fussy-loads-of-questions-to-ask manager. Which soon to be my boss (I doubt that, if I don’t get on that plane). Without further hesitations, I jumped out of bed, grab the suit of office wear which I recently bought (black, stripes with little sequence sewed on to it). I slammed the laptop on my table close then single handedly grab my heels, bread and car keys, and rush to my baby (a second hand Toyota which I got as present on my sweet 16 birthday from my parents).

The flight to Penang was bumpy, but I made it safely. It was raining when I first step into the city. As lost as a blind man can be, being to an unknown state is pretty annoying. A hand with my laptop and a directory on the other, I wondered around the airport, not knowing where to head. I wasn’t concentrating when I bumped into him, a tall, almost perfectly good looking guy. It was love-at-first-sight! “I’m sorry,” says he as he picks up his papers shredded along the way. Panting, I mumbled a few words that I don’t even know and watch him left. I stood up and walk, then heard a minor sound of crack. Wondering what, I look down, seems like a nametag that has been split into half. I put the puzzle back together again. Hmmmm, CEDRICK. R was written there. I suppose it belongs to the 99.9 % man I bumped into? I stared at the nametag, so beautifully broken, then a glance at my watch, oh no! My appointment! And ran towards the nearest door I can find.


those joy we had ;
7:08 AM

Thursday, March 26, 2009

It all started when the sun shone through my windows.I woke up smiling to the sky.
'Beautiful day,' I thought.

My school was having the choosing-for-sports-day day.We departured from school and headed for the stadium.I was left alone in bus as my friends were in the other bus. I sat quietly in the back, not wanting to make a riot.

The road was bumpy, but we made it. House by house ran into the stadium, all excited.
"Everyone, please grab a seat at your tereses according to your house, Thank you." announced the MC.

Everyone got into place and then the race begins.

Everything was going smoothly until the 100 meters run. I was slacking a little cause I thought that since I overtook her, I should be fine. But when I reach the finish line, I just realized, They were timing. So eventually, I din't get the place.

After the whole event, we went back to school. Had a few lessons, then I had to walk to the LRT as usual.It was drizzling so me and a friend shared the umbrella. Before we leave the school, I gave my grandmother a call to remind her to fetch me but she didn't pick up. So I thoguht I would call her back later.

In the LRT, after my friend left me, I called my grandmother again. That time, it was 3.10pm. Still couldn't reach. I kept calling and calling until I got fed up, I called my mother. She too didn't pick up. So I called my cousin to see whether he was with my grandmother, and yes, he didn't pick up. then I called my mother's office and also, no one picked up. I got worried, so i called my brother and he didn't pick up either. I got frustrated. I call and call and call those 5 person over and over again. It went on for an hour and I called from Plaza Rakyat to Ampang which is 9 stations away. 4.00pm, my mother's office finally works. Her colleague picked up. She told me my mother was in a meeting anddidn't bring her phone. I told her to inform my mother about me not having a transport home and has been waiting for an hour. soon after I hung up, my mother called. She asked me to go back to her office at Masjid Jamek. So, I took the LRT from Ampang back to Masjid Jamek which is 10 stations away.

And now, I'm having muscle cramps.



those joy we had ;
7:18 AM


Nov 2nd.
Writes to express. Hope you guys like my story=) they're mostly based on true stories though i add a little here and there.=D


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